Malachi Malcom is my oldest son who was born with a pre existing condition.

During both recent debates President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence declared that they have a plan for existing conditions while attacking the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. This made me think of my twenty three year old son Malachi. Malachi had meningitis at two weeks of age that caused hydrocephalus. Because of the scarred tissue on his brain it retained fluid. In order to correct this condition Malachi has a VA shunt that pumps the fluid from his brain and spine. My son has had sixteen surgeries and three notable life threats due to his shunt malfunctioning throughout his life.

Under the current plan Malachi is covered under my wife’s insurance until he is 26 years of age. After he is no longer eligible for our insurance, he will be covered under pre existing conditions. The Trump Administration does not have to issue an executive order because it is already in place. The dismantling of Obama Care leaves my son and other American citizens with pre existing conditions unprotected. My son was simply born. He did nothing to deserve meningitis. At the time it was not standard to check for this in the military. Up until now he has not had to worry about his medical condition, he’s been protected. To hear “a plan is coming soon” when you’ve been in leadership is inept and unacceptable.

As of today, there have been 7,759,910 confirmed Coronavirus cases in the United States. This virus is still being studied and we have no idea of its long term affects. What does this current administration say to reassure them that they will be protected when they are currently attempting to dismantle the Affordable Care Act? My mentor Dr Jennifer Madden reminds me, “Success favors the prepared.” The Trump Administration has recently proven their ill-preparedness for dealing with disaster through this current pandemic. The numbers prove the results of such ineptness. To not produce a visible healthcare plan while attempting to dismantle the protection of people like my son and the estimated millions of other American citizens living in similar circumstances.

The Biden/Harris campaign had promised to protect my son. As a faith leader in the environmental movement, I find their stance on fracking very problematic. Yet, I know under their administration Malachi stands a chance continuing his full and otherwise healthy adult life. They have a plan, and success favors the prepared!